There is a risk of Asian Hornets establishing in the UK. If you think you see one of these, mainly velvety black/dark brown, with yellow lower legs, please take a photo if it’s safe.(Relative size shown below) With leaf fall, look out for Asian Hornet nests, possibly high in trees. For either, please phone our coordinator 01268 757503 stating “Asian Hornet” when asked for your name. Asian Hornet 1

For more information see Asian Hornet Alert
Welcome to the Southend-on-Sea and District Division of Essex Beekeepers’ Association (EBKA) website.
You will find here information on our purpose, future events, monthly meetings, details regarding  honeybee swarms, links to related sites and members materials as well as general beekeeping information. If you have any general enquiries on beekeeping please contact us.
The Objective of the Division is to promote and further the craft of beekeeping. Further, the Division endeavours to encourage people to nurture an interest in beekeeping and bees, provide training to its members, encourage the exploration of differing beekeeping practices and techniques and engage in compatible wider community projects.
The Southend-on-Sea and District Division covers an area which extends from Shoeburyness and Wakering through Southend as far as Basildon and up to the River Crouch (Canewdon, Fambridge, Battlesbridge), across Rayleigh and into Wickford. There are 9 Divisions of the Essex Beekeepers Association and none have a fixed border so it is possible to find members of other divisions in those locations where the areas cross.
The Division was created in 1880 when the EBKA was create
The Division has a strong membership of beekeepers of all levels of expertise and experience. We are a friendly and enthusiastic group and welcome visitors and interested parties. The membership is mainly hobbyist beekeepers with only a couple of hives (colonies) who practice the craft at weekends and evenings, collecting honey for their own use. We have an increasing number of members who are professional individuals working full time and members who do not have gardens. The Division has out-apiaries situated around the Division area in which you may be able to place hives.

Southend Divisional Privacy notice for members