Beginner Course 2022 schedule

The 2022 course is now full and no further applications will be accepted.
If you are interested in our 2023 Beginners’ Course, please see below.

For more information please contact our membership secretary at

The Southend Division of EBKA aims to provide training and support to our newer members and those interested in learning more of beekeeping. The first step takes the form of an initial training course which covers all the relevant and necessary subject matter to fully consider what the beekeeping demands are, in a classroom setting complemented by practical handling. This allows those who wish to start their beekeeping journey or those who have acquired bees in the late summer/autumn to discuss their ideas and hopes with others at the same stage and with experienced practiced beekeepers in an environment which is non-judgmental. The course will cover equipment needed, skills required, basic understanding and knowledge of bee management and the time and costs involved in keeping your own bees. The Beginners course will also include a number of practical elements for you to gain hands-on exposure. All planned practical sessions are weather permitting and subject to re-arrangement.
This year’s Beginners’ course will begin in March 2021 but is already fully booked I’m afraid.
You must be a fully paid member of Southend Division to take the course, so bear in mind annual membership fees which will be £36.50 for a single member on top of any course cost.
The course cost for 2022 is £100, which covers 10 sessions and includes both the theory and practical aspects plus all the information to get you started. We will make recommendations as to pre-course reading – ‘Bees at the Bottom of the Garden’ by Alan Campion or Haynes – ‘The Bee Manual’ by C & A Waring are good choices. Although you will get some hand-outs many students like to make their own notes. We recommend not buying any equipment until we have gone through the equipment session (although we realise some people do get hives as presents or obtain equipment ad-hoc).

Please contact us to register your interest for 2023 (spaces are limited). We will email an application form in due course, to everyone interested, normally around January. The places are allocated in the order that people pay – so get in quickly if you are keen to join!

If you are interested in becoming a member or registering interest in a future course, please get in contact with us at the above email or  via our Contact Us page.

Once the course has been completed you may still require some mentoring or coaching throughout the season.

Important –  Even the basic beekeeping equipment can be expensive. We recommend you do not buy any equipment until you’ve completed the course and discussed options with local experienced beekeepers.